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And When You Fall In Love, I Hope It Feels Like Home

One day, you’ll meet someone who won’t just want to spend the night with you, but they wake up and look forward to the day ahead. They look forward to a future you are not even sure of yet, but there is a sense of comfort and peace you’ve never known before in their eyes.

And in that peace, you find security, and within that security, you find someone you can trust even though every experience you have had before has pointed you in the direction of only trusting yourself.

These walls that took so long to build that you thought you had to surround yourself with suddenly come crashing down with their touch and a familiar whisper. And even though you are nervous, there is something different about this time. There is something that forces you to let them in.

Some people see through everything you are. Through everything you are, They see through all you’re trying to be. They see you for you, in a world you thought you were invisible. But with the right person, you will be both heard and seen in a way it helps you to understand yourself better.

The world is full of so many people who lie but in this other person, you find the truth.

Someone who can look you in the eyes and know exactly what you are saying, even though you haven’t said a word yet.

It’s dialogue all your own and a language only the two of you understand.

This person sees the beauty in your eyes light up, talking about the things you care about and the difference you want to make in the world. And you’ll talk about dreams and ambitions like you haven’t before. But you also talk about disappointments and fears you were too afraid to say out loud. You talk about mistakes other people haven’t forgiven you for and guilt within yourself because you realize you haven’t found peace there either.

You voice insecurities that get met with compliments. And mistakes that get met without judgment but understanding.

And in that vulnerability and exchange, you’ll be met with a sense of peace because everything doesn’t feel as heavy anymore.

Just as you aren’t perfect, you will realize they aren’t either. Each of us is made up of so much complexity, a few shortcomings, and areas we all need to improve, and when you find the right person, you’ll realize that your flaws complement each other in a way that makes sense. The parts of yourself you are blind to will point on not with harsh criticism but with love in hopes you’ll each grow together.

And in that growth, you’ll find each of you getting better—both growing in love and learning to love yourself a little more. The best partners teach us both how to love another and how to love the sharp edges of ourselves that we have rejected. Or haven’t wanted to meet with love and compassion to fix.

Suddenly, this other person who was once a stranger becomes someone you know better than yourself. You find yourself worrying when all you ever did in the past was worry about yourself. You find yourself angry at the people who have done them wrong, wanting to defend them and protect them at all costs.

You make choices based on how they feel and steer away from anything that might hurt them. And in that love for someone else, you find love for yourself too.

You build this life together, and that’s truly what a good relationship is; it’s building and fixing and trying and working again and again and over again. But no matter how much work you put that effort in because they are worth it.

Realizing how far you’ve come. You find yourself remembering every little detail. From the first time you met and the first words they said.

And you muster three words that aren’t even hard to hold back because you know they feel it too. And what you’re feeling and experiencing is the kind of love that feels like the kind of home you've spent your whole life looking for.

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